Guest List App @zkipster Launches New Seating Feature

Launches with 100 leading venues in NYC, LA, Washington and London

zkipster: “New feature marks the death of sticky-note seating charts”

NEW YORK, NY – zkipster, the fastest, most-reliable guest list app in the event industry, today launched its new Seating feature, that allows event planners to access 100 leading venues with calibrated, original floor plans – and then create and share seating charts in a matter of minutes.

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“Our new Seating feature marks the death of sticky-note seating charts – digitizing another key process in the planning and execution of an event,” saidDavid Becker, co-founder of zkipster. “Event planners will now be able to design and collaborate on seating charts in real-time for all sorts of events, from seated events like galas, fundraisers and luncheons to movie premieres and fashion shows.”

The app’s newest feature, a powerful combination of check-in and seating, is just the latest in zkipster’s plan to streamline the event planning process. With Seating, event hosts now have the option to find and access established floor plans, build a floor plan to match their own event, or have zkipster’s team do it for them. zkipster’s multi-device platform allows for collaboration between team members to create and update seating charts in real time, as well as to share seating assignments and make changes right up until the doors open.

zkipster is working to grow a global database starting with leading venues in key cities – including New York, Los Angeles, Washington, DC and London. This latest feature elevates zkipster from a check-in app to a guest success management platform, combining every aspect of event planning from seating to social media engagement, name badges and guest recognition.

“zkipster’s Seating allows my team to update and share seating charts within a few minutes – helping ensure that our high-profile events run seamlessly even when circumstances on-the-ground change,” said Michael Moore, Vice President and Director of Special Events at Sotheby’s. “This is another tool that will help our guests focus on what’s important: experiencing the world of art.”


  • Create Floor Plans: Hosts can create a floor plan in just a few minutes with our drag and drop tool or let zkipster create a custom floor plan at no additional charge.
  • Assign Seats to Guests: Drag and drop guests from the guest list to the seating chart while instantly syncing for seamless collaboration.
  • Share Seating Charts: Share or print completed seating allocations with hosts, colleagues and clients. Make last minute changes without worrying about an outdated seating chart.


About zkipster

zkipster is the industry’s fastest, most-reliable guest list app for non-ticketed event check-in at premieres, galas, promotional events and conferences. It’s the first check-in app compatible for iOS, Android, Windows 8 platforms – offering secure real-time guest list management for marketers, public relations and event professionals. Since the company was launched in 2009, more than 4 million guests in 85 countries have checked in with zkipster.

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