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Today, we’re talking about: SponsorMyEvent


Company/Tool Name: SponsorMyEvent

Website: www.sponsormyevent.com

Twitter: sponsormyevent

Facebook: www.facebook.com/sponsormyevent


What is the “problem” that your tool seeks to solve?

How can sponsors and organizers find each other and manage their relationship in the most efficient way possible?

Companies are actively seeking to gain visibility within a targeted audience. Over $53 Billion are spent each year by brands to reach out to this audience through sponsorships.

Finding the right sponsorship-opportunities is often a complex logistical, time and resource consuming problem that too often results in a negative experience and a significant loss of time for the Sponsor. It is time consuming and difficult to filter those events that perfectly match the scope of the sponsor ahead of the competition without being spammed by organizers.

Event-organizers need sponsors to make their events happen. Yet it’s an incredibly tough quest for organizers to find matching sponsors which often leads to a lot of frustration both on the side of the organizer as of the sponsor.

It is a challenging and time consuming task for organizers to showcase events to the right sponsors and to close deals with them. Especially freelance organizers often don’t have neither the time nor the resources to handle the whole process in a professional way.

In return organizers give brands visibility, a targeted audience and most of all the audiences attention.

What is the best audience for this tool? Corporate events? Social? Other? Large? Small?

SponsorMyEvent is open to all kinds of events from all sizes. Our statistics show that the top-five of published events are: Charity, Sports, Concerts, Community, Conference.

The size varies from small events with $50 sponsor-packages to bigger events with sponsor-packages up to $30k-$50k.

What does your tool help event planners do better?

Finding and managing sponsors is our core business and SponsorMyEvent provides easy-to-use tools that makes these steps much easier for every event-planner. Organizers can find new sponsors or manage the ones they already know. Managing the relationship with sponsors becomes easy as SponsorMyEvent helps with the negotiations, tailor-made proposals, invoicing, contracts and of course also the payments. Never before it was so easy for event-organizers to accept credit-card payments from sponsors.

How is your tool different from/better than the competition?

We are the only ones to provide a true 360° solution for sponsorships both for organizers and sponsors. In addition we enable organizers to manage both new and existing sponsors. That’s really unique in this market. What also makes us unique is the clear focus on event-sponsorships. and the traction we managed to build: In the meanwhile over 60 events are submitted per day to SponsorMyEvent.com making us the market-leader in our domain.

What is the single coolest feature of your product?

We love that organizers and sponsors are matched based on criteria defined by sponsors. Organizers know that their event will only be sent out to sponsors who are potentially interested. On the other hand sponsors also know that they will only receive suggestions for events which are clearly in their scope. In addition sponsors can remain completely invisible on SponsorMyEvent: no spamming possible!

Anything else we need to know?  

When SponsorMyEvent CEO Peter Poehle and his co-founder Gilles Poulles (CTO) started the first beta-version of SponsorMyEvent.com beginning of 2014 they were well aware that there was a burning need both for sponsors and organizers to improve they way they could reach out to each other. The two founders found themselves surprised how quickly everything would develop. A bit more than one year later, SponsorMyEvent became the leading platform for sponsorships with events in well over 1.300 cities, not less than 60 events published every single day and matched with over 2.000 sponsors mainly in the US and the UK.

SponsorMyEvent is a complete 360° solution for sponsorships: Event organizers publish their events on SponsorMyEvent.com with all necessary details.
These events will on one hand be matched with sponsors who have already signed up on SponsorMyEvent. On the other hand organizers can invite sponsors they already know and manage their relationship with them directly through SponsorMyEvent.

Both publishing an event and signing up as a sponsor is entirely free. Sponsors use the platform entirely free of charge. If an organizer manages his own sponsors, no commission will apply. In case SponsorMyEvent finds a sponsor for an event, a commission of 10% is charged on each deal made.

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