5 Essential Gadgets for Event Planners On-the-Go

Event planners are always on the go. From client events to site inspections and conferences, we are always traveling and spending far too much time in airports. And – we are incredibly busy people. Taking a five day trip to a client location or event doesn’t mean that our workload stops. It just means that our workload needs to be continued under far more inconvenient circumstances. So how do we stay productive? What are the tools we need to really rock our workload on the go? Here are a few tools I can’t live without!
I am a huge fan of the mobile device chargers. The way that these mobile chargers work is that you charge the mophie once and then bring it along with you on the go and it can refresh your devices that lack battery several times over. If my iPhone or iPad dies, I don’t need an outlet to plug into, just my mophie. There are tons of other brands out there so try one that works for you, but I’ve had tons of success with this brand. It has always been reliable and problem free. I use the Powerstation XL that allows me to charge 2 devices at the same time. It’s always a good way to make new friends too since there are always people around searching for outlets. Tell them to pull up a chair and plug into your Powerstation. As a side note, these are great to have at your tradeshow booths for attendees to plug into as needed if you don’t have the resources to put together a full charging station.
unnamed (1)Karma Wifi
We all know that airport and hotel Wi-Fi can be incredibly expensive. And, even when we pay for it, it’s often way too slow. In enters Karma Wi-Fi – a very cool and reliable hotspot gadget that allows you to pay only for the data that you use. Many of you are probably familiar with the fact that wi-Fi hotspots by our mobile providers can run anywhere from $60 to $150 per month depending on how much data you use. These plans are often set in stone and then you end up paying overage charges if you have a month where you really need more data. The concept of karma Wi-Fi is that you buy the device for a one-time fee ($149) and then pay for data as you go – if you need to GB for the road, you buy it as you need it. And, you can share the free Wi-Fi with those around you. Let’s say you’re sitting at a coffee shop. Not only can you be connected, but people around you can get 100MB for free just by being near you. And, for each person who connects to your Wi-Fi while you’re in a public place, Karma will give you another 100MB for free. If you’re often in hotels and airports, you may never need to buy data at all!
(My boyfriend introduced me to this one and he has a promo code that will give you $10 off if you purchase the device – just CLICK HERE).
302451-vupoint-solutions-magic-wand-pds-st441-vpMagic Wand
Magic wand is a very simple tool that fits easily in your purse or suitcase. When we are traveling for site inspections, I’m always looking for a place to scan in floor maps and contracts. Rather than rushing to the nearest print center to get an important document to your client, you can just use magic wand to scan the piece of paper and send it to yourself. It’s easy, quick and comes in handy in the most important of situations. You can purchase this for only $59.99.
Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 7.39.50 AMEasyMeasure
We’re always looking to save space in our luggage so this app comes in handy for those who are traveling for site inspections or need to measure large or outdoor spaces. Let’s say you need to know the distance between a column in the center of the room and the nearest wall. Just point your phone from one spot to the other, and it will measure it for you. You no longer need to pack your huge tape measure that take up a lot of space in your luggage. Also, for those of you who may be clumsy like me, this is much more reliable than the typical tape measure.

619npNbFQZL._SL1500_Travel Power Strip

Toss this in your suitcase for those moments when you can only find a single outlet and you need to charge your phone, laptop, tablet and mophie. We’ve all been there and a simple little gadget like this mini power strip will save you in those desperate moments. If you’re down to your last drop of power, having a strip like this is an easy solution. Easy to transport and incredibly helpful, you won’t regret bringing this along!

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