We Pinned It: Sushi

Did you know that when you eat sushi, if you consume the fish in order from lightest to fattiest you’ll maximize the flavors? Did you know that rubbing your chopsticks together is considered an insult to the establishment?

Sushi is can be a delightful experience. Each roll is like a miniature work of art, and when multiple rolls are displayed together, it’s a veritable feast for your senses. It’s the perfect party food because there’s a little something for everyone, even for those who don’t care to partake of the raw (California roll, anyone?). And, sushi is really quite healthy, if you stick to the basics.

So, hold the mayo and put your soy sauce on the fish, not the rice. Eat a piece of ginger between rolls to cleanse your palate and, if you overdo it on the wasabi, breathe rapidly through your nose to ease the burn.

Grab your chopsticks and let’s roll!


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