We Pinned It: Social Media

Back in the day, if you wanted your friends in distant locations to know what was going on in your life you might have written a letter, picked up the phone or, maybe, waited until you were in the same city to catch up. Nowadays, you can just tag them in your Facebook post, or make sure they are following you on Twitter. Social Media has truly changed the way we keep up with our friends, our family and even the Kardashians (did we just admit that?!). Snapchat and Youtube are great for keeping the general population entertained but businesses have also acknowledged the value of social media and embraced it for marketing products, planning events, connecting with clients, and receiving and processing feedback.

What’s the best way to celebrate Social Media Day (June 30)? Well, that’s pretty obvious! Start a hashtag, upload a photo, and update your status! And, of course, check out our Pinterest board!


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