We Pinned It: International Beer Day

Fun Fact: It was the ancient Babylonians who first brewed beer. They took their brewing so seriously that if anyone brewed a bad batch, they were drowned in it as punishment! Depending on how much you like beer, it might not be the worst way to go!

August 7th is International Beer Day so, naturally, we will celebrate by having some beer. Perhaps it will be a craft beer – Lagunitas or Dogfish? Or, maybe we’ll have a beer cocktail. We wouldn’t mind trying a Beer Bloody Mary with our brunch. Or, if we’re feeling tropical, we’ll give a Lemon-ade-rita a try.

If you don’t want to drink it, try cooking with beer. Bake some bread, steam some clams or add it to your cheese dip. Beer contains almost all of the minerals that we humans need to survive. So, pour yourself a tall one and enjoy!


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