Industry Insider: @Julia Valler Staffing & Events

Company Name: Julia Valler Staffing & Events 





What kind of services do you provide?

At Julia Valler Staffing & Events we provide high-end staffing solutions for private and corporate events. We also provide event planning services helping our clients with vendor selection and coordination. We are proud to have the capacity to produce events of any scale. Ranging from a small cocktail party or wedding reception, we can provide the service that is right for our client.

How did you get started in the industry? 

I started working for multiple catering companies and event planners prior to launching my company. Being a perfectionist, I noticed that there were areas for improvement in the industry. We are constantly thinking of new approaches, new ideas, and new ways of making every event special.

What has been one of the keys to growing your business?

In order for your business to flourish, you must have a system for constantly adding new clients and being able to keep them coming back. We pride ourselves on flawless customer service and maintaining client relationships.

Do you have any advice for breaking into the event industry?

Gain experience wherever you can, it will give you a better perspective on what it takes to execute an event. There is a lot of pressure involved, however it is incredibly rewarding to see your hard work come to life and create a wonderful experience for your guests.

What is your favorite thing about working the event industry?

No event is exactly the same; we are constantly looking for new ways to take our events to the next level. Which never makes for a dull moment.

What’s your favorite app?

How can you possibly pick just one?! We live in a fast paced world where speed is key and technology can help us speed up on all levels, personal and professional. Uber, Seamless, Instagram, Dropbox and Google drive are a few of my favorites.

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