CadCon 2015 Attracts Leading Association Event Planners to Learn More About Conference Software

July 29, 2015

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CadCon 2015 Attracts Leading Association Event Planners to Learn More About Conference Software


FOREST HILL, MARYLAND – CadmiumCD, a leading conference software provider, hosted the first annual CadCon on July 23, 2015. The event brought meeting organizers from all over the country together to explore new product features and innovative uses of event technology.


“CadCon was a way to give back to our users,” says Michelle Wyatt, CEO and co-founder of CadmiumCD. “We’ve realized that as we continue to grow, we need to find innovative ways to stay connected to our user base. CadCon allowed us the opportunity to keep in touch while fostering new relationships between the organizations we work with.”


In the past year CadmiumCD has brought on 10 new employees to help with their expanding product lines and client base. Wyatt expects the company to continue growing steadily into the next year. Among CadCon’s highlights, three new product features were unveiled:

  • eventScribe 2.0 – CadmiumCD is well known for its different take on an app homescreen. The lilly pad design is user friendly and easy to adopt for an older, less tech saavy crowd. However, CadmiumCD also realized the need for a more modern design as well. At CadCon they publicly realeased eventScribe 2.0, which features a tile design homescreen that provides more customization and increased sponsor opportunities.
  • Audience Response System – The app also received another big upgrade. After much demand, live polling in sessions is now available in eventScribe. This compliments the in-app evaluations that were released last year.
  • Abstract Scorecard Statistics – CadmiumCD’s abstracts, awards, and grant submission software also got a facelift. The software now features a robust reporting dashboard that allows users to see charts and graphs about their organizations’ submissions over multiple years. Stats include geographical information about submitters and submission quantity comparisons over several months or years.


Another topic of interest was CadmiumCD’s partnership with GES, which was formed late last year. Jeremy Sigmon, CadmiumCD Systems Engineer, and Paul Wedesky, GES Senior VP hosted a popular session entitled, “The Marriage of AV and Software.” It detailed how CadmiumCD’s Hermes platform can be used to collect data from presenters in the speaker ready room and update GES Digital Signage and eventScribe products instantly onsite.


“This event couldn’t have gone better,” says Wyatt. “It was fantastic to meet many of the clients who support us face-to-face for the first time, as well as connect with old friends.”

Next year’s CadCon is tentatively scheduled for July 27-28, 2016.

See the full catalog of CadCon photos here.


About CadmiumCD

CadmiumCD has spent the last fifteen years building technology for Meeting Planners, Conference Organizers, Education Directors, and Attendees. We strive to ease the conference planning and management processes while delivering great educational content to attendees. Our fully integrated system includes Abstract & Awards Review Software, Speaker & Exhibitor Management, Digital Content Publication, Audio Recordings, Digital Poster Galleries, Online Itinerary Planners, Interactive Floor Plans, Native Event Apps, and Post-Conference Evaluations.


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