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What kind of services do you provide?

Yoga, meditation and mindfulness exercises for workplaces in NYC

How did you get started in the industry?

I’ve been working in events for 3+ years, and in marketing for nearly a decade. As the Director of Communications at OFFSITE, a private meeting and event space in NYC and Chicago – with whom I still work today – I learned a lot about the events industry and saw first hand that wellness was on the upswing in the industry. My experience at OFFSITE also helped me to understand what meeting and event planners are looking for in vendors and I established some great relationships through my role there.

What has been one of the keys to growing your business?

Networking and being reliable! Building relationships takes time, but it’s so important. It’s not enough to just show up and make yourself known; you have to get to know people, provide them with exceptional services and experiences, and be accessible and reliable. Give first if you can, then ask your contacts to connect you with other people and opportunities. Networking is a two-way street!

Do you have any advice for breaking into the event industry?

Patience and agile iteration are key. The industry is constantly changing – for example, tech and experiences are what’s hot right now, and millennials are leading the charge so everybody is eager to learn about and satisfy this particular generation. But 5 years ago, everyone was talking about “content is king” and there were only whispers about millennials. Ride the tide or get swept up by the undertow!

What is your favorite thing about working the event industry?

Meeting people, hands down! Because the events industry is social by nature, there are so many opportunities to make genuine, long-lasting connections. It seems that networking and relationships are valued above all else, so being personable and enthusiastic goes a long way.

What’s your favorite app?

Instagram is where it’s at for me!

Anything else we need to know?

At Work From Om®, we love a challenge and customizing programming for corporate events, conferences, retreats, etc. is something we know and love. While wellness, and particularly yoga and meditation, are trending in the corporate space, there are very few companies who focus on programs that teach these methods in the context of a professional environment. All of our offerings are proprietary and exclusive to this niche, so you can be sure that what we bring to the table is a cut above the rest.


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