Behind the Hustle: Nicole Gallub (@djneekola)

Nicole is the CEO of Pelonkey. You may know her as DJ Neekola. We know her as someone who never sleeps, lives off coffee, and would narrate her entire life with an EDM soundtrack if she could. She’s our people-person, our partnership-making queen. Which is the role you’d expect of a CEO, except she’s actually awesome at it. People who meet her can’t help but love her. Which, whew, is a huge help, let’s be honest.

“hi, my name is…”

The world knows me as (name): NEEKOLA

I’ve also been known to respond to the names: Nicole, Nikki, Neeks

I am wicked good at: Making friends

Least favorite house chore: Laundry

My go-to guilty pleasure food is: BBQ Potato Chips

Favorite App: SNAPCHAT OMG I’m an addict, really. Follow me, nee kola, for funny snaps.

Favorite quote: “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” -Confucius

“The Hustle”

Job Title: CEO

Professional Superpower: Marketing and Sales

My primary role in the events industry is: To create stability in the entertainment industry

Years in the events industry: 10

To me, being an event hustler means: Being passionate about what you do, and caring about each and everyone around you. When people see that you actually care, it makes them want to work with you more.

The top 2 most surprising things I’ve learned about the events industry since starting are:

  1. 1. Most people don’t work in this industry full time.
  2. 2. Most deals are done with a handshake.

I got my start in the events industry when: I became an international DJ and producer.

The top 2 pieces of advice I’d give to an aspiring planner are?

BE ORGANIZED! PLAN EVERY DETAIL! If you think you have everything, you don’t. Ask someone to take a look at your timeline, and you will see how much you overlooked. Also, volunteer at some big events to get experience. There’s a lot to event planning that you really didn’t event think of. Trash is a BIG issue, I never knew! Also, so are all sorts of crazy licenses and insurances that you never knew existed.

My biggest event industry pet peeve is: When people think industry people will work for free. Theres a big difference between doing something in for opportunity or barter, and just plain free. And some people forget that.

“No such thing as TMI”

One thing that would really surprise people to learn about me is: I used to work for the government as an ethical hacker. Also used to ride motorcycles with the guys.

You can only keep 2 albums in your entire music collection -those albums would be: 

You can’t ask that of a DJ, its like impossible. I think I’d die with only 2 albums. There’s so much great music out there and trying to limit it to just two albums really freaks me out. I’d say Electro Funk and Deep House are my faves. Really digging a couple of tracks right now, Summer Sippin by Boehm, and anything by Chromeo.

10yr old me thought I’d grow up to be: An executive walking around with a briefcase and cell phone. Not sure what I’d actually be doing, but I just knew I wanted the briefcase and cell phone.

Text or phone call?: Text.

Android or iphone?: Iphone

Toilet paper roll – Over or under?: Everywhere.

Contact Nicole:

@djneekola (insta / Twitter)

Snap – Neekola


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