We Pinned It: Halloween

Boo! Did we scare you? Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s on a Saturday this year which makes it perfect for a Halloween party. But, what to wear, what to serve, how to decorate?

Dressing Up is Fun!
Haven’t got a costume yet? Halloween costume stores are popping up on every corner at this time of year but you can show your creativity without breaking the bank (unless you want to) simply by thinking outside of the box a little bit. We particularly enjoy costumes that are pun-ny. Stick a stamp on your forehead and be Mail or put nametags all over your clothes and be the Identity Thief.

What’s Your Poison?
One of the most delicious parts of Halloween is the abundance of tantalizing treats for your taste buds. Witches Brew, Candy Corn Punch, Vampire’s Cocktail are just a few of the chillingly refreshing beverages you can color coordinate with your décor at your October 31st event.

Creepy or Cute?
Do you think Halloween should be scary? So do we! Or, do you think Halloween should be funny and cute? Wait, so, do we! Sometimes it’s hard to choose between ghastly and ghoulish and pleasing and pretty. Let your audience be your guide.

Whether it’s a big bash or a small féte, we’ve got a Pinterest board filled with ideas to help you pull it off. Are you ready?


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