Ask the Attendees: @WithLovePeach #techstylenyc

TechStyleNYC is an event, held during Fashion Week, that brought together fashion and technology.  The event had a wonderful turnout and attendees enjoyed the chance to celebrate NYC’s fashion week in techsy style!

But just who are the brands that attended the event? What’s their take on the event industry? And what did they think of TechStyleNYC? We took the opportunity to interview a few of the attendees and over the next few days will be featuring their interviews, read on for a peek inside the guests’ heads:


We talked to Janet Kraus who is the CEO of peach, inc:

– First of all, please tell our readers about you – what is the company all about?

If you had told me a few years ago, that I would find life and purpose through intimates and basics, I would not have been able to see it. As it turns out, peach is the perfect intersection of my passion for empowering women as customers and business owners, and of my own evolution as a woman and entrepreneur.

At peach, we are changing everything about how women shop for intimates and basics and this means we are making what most women find to be a really unpleasant experience into one that is fun, personal, and convenient.

We are removing all of the dressing room drama by bringing the experience to you in a personal home setting through an amazing team of stylists who are expert at helping you discover your perfect fit and your perfect top two drawers.

We are also changing the imagery and the presentation of women so that women can feel beautiful, confident and perfect just as they are.

– What were the 3 keys to getting the company off the ground – where did you invest your time?

The very first thing you do when starting a company is invest in defining the values, the culture and the mission that you have in your sites for your brand . . and then finding and investing in the people who can bring these values and that culture to life. We have values of authenticity, inspiration, delight, thoughtfulness, heart, and freshness.

We have been building both the home office team and the stylist network with women and men who are dedicated to our mission of helping women discover their perfect fit, business opportunity and selves through our wonderful experience. We, from the very earliest days, began investing in leadership development based on the tenets of positive psychology with everyone so that our people would be able to deliver our experience in an inspiring way and mean it from their center.

We also invested from the earliest days in beautiful and high quality products. Products that women could love not just like. From the best fabrics, to the best fitting designs, to high quality fabrication, we were clear that creating a breakthrough experience depended on having amazing products.

Lastly, we have bee investing in technology. We are more than a simple e-commerce company. We are company that is empowering stylists and customers to interact with our brand in omni channels ways — in person, on-line, and through social media. We are investing in tech that makes the buying and replenishment process as well as the personal experience come alive.

– Just having participated in TechStyle NYC, what role do live events play in your branding and marketing initiatives?

Live events are a huge part what we do. We are an omni channel brand where the in person experience is a crucial part of our brand. As an early stage company, live events like TechStyle NYC, are great because they give us exposure to people who are influencers in the market but allows them to have the whole experience that our customers have.

Since our customers are building relationships with stylists, are experiencing live bra-ha moments and are being given the opportunity to learn about how she can take shopping for intimates and basics off her to-do list forever, we want to offer this to everyone – even those who are more of influencers and followers of the market trends, so they have the same customer experience.

The live aspect of TechStyle is therefore PERFECT for Peach.

– What was a successful social media campaign you hosted that showed great engagement and traction?

For Mother’s Day this past year, we invited our customers and Personal Stylists to join us celebrating motherhood on our FB page and their response exceeded expectations. Our community loved sharing photos with their moms, their families, and anything that best captured the the theme of #peachlovesmoms” to them. We promoted photo entries throughout the month on our blog and social media, and at the end of month, selected two participants at random to win $80 in free peach product. As a result of the campaign, our FB likes increased by double digits and photo entries received on average 5x more likes and comments than our average posts at that time. Our blog describing the campaign in detail here:
We chose to highlight this example for you because one of the very important parts of our brand — for both our customer and our stylists — is that so many of our customers are mothers . . and even if they are not mothers, they have mothers, nieces/nephews etc. We are dedicated to mothers and families and giving women ways to improve the quality of their families and their connections too.

– Finally, what is your favorite app?

peach is building a powerful, personal commerce platform that begins with our Stylist App, which is what makes this app my favorite.

After a customer meets with her Personal Stylist for the first time (which can be one on one or a in a group of her friends), her measurements are saved and shopping with peach becomes even easier. Going forward, our customers can meet all of their replenishment needs by going direct to their my peach on their mobile, tablet or computer.

We are creating not just an e-commerce experience, we are creating a personal commerce that enables stylists and clients to continue the dialogue that began in person and continue it online.
peach’s Stylist App will ultimately allow stylists to continue to be a client’s personal shopper, enabling easy and real-time interaction between stylists and clients so that clients can shop knowing that their fairy god mother stylist is just a click away.

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