Do What You Love To Do – An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Happiness by @projectmaven

Before you go accusing me of living in a dream world (which is a different discussion altogether), let’s talk about this in a practical, level headed way. If you’re an entrepreneur, you have already made the decision to live outside a more conventional 9-5, report to a manager, work your way up the food chain kind of existence. You are pursuing your own vision, or dare I say, a dream. So how much of a stretch is it to suggest that you craft your job to only include things you love to do?

You know that the lifestyle you’ve chosen is going to be challenging. You will have to distinguish yourself in the marketplace, cultivate a following of supporters, clients, customers, fans and other enthusiasts. You are working to attract investors or sponsors. You will need collaborators and other team members. If you want to be in a position to manage all these relationships, then you better get clear about your role in all of this. That means focusing on doing your best work so you can shine.


You can’t. Don’t even try. OK, I know what you’re thinking. If you’re starting out by yourself or maybe with a partner or small team, chances are you are going to have to manage some unpleasant tasks right now, while you gather momentum. You need to get your income earning operations sorted out, and then you can think about delegating. So yes, you may have to endure some of your less favorite activities for a while during the start-up phase. But in the meantime, you can be tracking a path to creating the job description that works best for you.


If you get a charge out of developing new products and strategies for growth, then congratulations, you chose well in becoming an entrepreneur. Now you need to maximize your potential for happiness and success by understanding what you do best. What things come easy to you? What part of your work makes you most excited?

Now let’s dig a little deeper. Are you more of a creative or an administrator? Do you get more excited by the financial strategy or the language you develop for your website? Are you more comfortable at networking parties or in late night sessions with a tech team? Once you understand where you best fit in the process, you’re ready to develop your team.


Once you understand your ideal role, you can be thoughtful about choosing the right people to work with you to realize your goals. You may already have a partner or a small team, or perhaps you are getting ready to choose them. You’ll eventually need support staff as well as outside collaborators.

In developing all of these relationships, remember that you must always protect the integrity of your positive experience. All of your choices should support your happiness, so that you can remain passionate and motivated to continue the hard work of building your business. Happiness is not optional – it’s required!!

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