We Pinned It: Prohibition Parties

Calling all gangsters and molls! It’s time to go back. Waaaay back. December 5, 1933 was the day the country celebrated the end of prohibition, and we can’t think of a better reason to have a party!

If you set up your event space like a speakeasy, with some fabulous art deco doors and feathery, pearl dripped centerpieces, be sure to pipe some Jazz music through the sound system so your guests can kick up their heels. You should be serving old fashioned drinks like Sidecars, Southsides, Bee’s Knees and, of course, Old Fashioneds! If you’re hosting a big event, definitely have your wait staff dressed as flappers, serving hors d’oeuvres from cigarette boxes.

The roaring ‘20 theme completely lends itself to photo booths so load up on props including handlebar mustaches, cigarette holders, pearls, fedoras, fans and boas. For your more dangerous guests, set up a backdrop that will make it look like a mug shot.

Grab your glad rags and invite some folks over to your juice joint. Remember, a little party never killed nobody 😉

Proparty wpi board


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