Event Industry Experts Predict The Future by @slidoapp

It’s that time of year where experts from around the industry whip out their crystal balls and predict what our 2016 will look like. Sli.Do has compiled a great list and we’d love to know what you think too.
“The future of conferences will be less about single-direction information sharing since we do not have to travel the country or the world to hear what some guy on a stage has to say. We can do that from anywhere, any time at any device. A platform like TED.com is the biggest proof of that.
Yet people line up and pay massive fees to attend a TED conference. Why? Because of the people, they meet in the ‘white space’! – Gerrit Heijkoop, Online host and Social Media Expert

“The future of events, conferences and trade shows is a bright one – although they will be pretty different from how we perceive events mostly today. Conferences are less and less about providing information. Know-how is a commodity these days. Events can deliver perspectives, networking, bouncing ideas around. They are here to make sense of the endless flow of information that we are exposed to. ”- Michael Heipel, Owner Michael Heipel Concept & Consulting

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