How to Develop the Right Kind of Content for Your Business Website

By now you’ve all gotten the memo that having lots of key words in your online content is no longer the golden ticket to achieving robust SEO. Sure, it’s part of the picture, but certainly not the whole thing. At least as important as the long and short tails is the level of engagement you produce with your blog posts, status updates and tweets.


If you want people to be able to find you online, then you better be generating some conversations in social media. This together with the relevant search terms embedded in your copy is the combination that will get you top placement when people look for you on Google or other search engines. This means that the content you create on your business website is so good that people are commenting on it, sharing the link with their friends and colleagues and then talking about it some more on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.

Using social media for community

Gone are the days when your website could feature a company statement, staff bios, client list, a couple of pictures and call it a day. These days, people expect something a little more thought provoking or interactive, and rightfully so! There are more options now for engaging your site’s visitors than ever before.


You have the power to set the tone on your website, through the type of content you choose to feature there. For example, the content can be authoritative and informative, such as a white paper. If you want to be known for your industry expertise, then consider authoring a white paper that lets people in on a specific aspect of your industry. Choose a topic that excites you and has the potential to attract the type of people you’d welcome as clients. Demonstrating expertise is important for high level consulting positions and speaking engagements.

Understand that the content you share is a conversation starter. If your business depends on a more personal level of interaction, you may want to develop blog posts that are anecdotal in nature. Sharing your own experiences is a great way to find people with common interests who are likely to interact easily with you. This kind of relateability is helpful to cultivate if your service is individualized, such as graphic or interior design, healing or medical care, or private event planning. The people who hire you will want to feel connected with you in some way that fosters trust and understanding, two key elements in building a relationship with your client.

If you are in any kind of creative field, then your website is your opportunity to show the world your best stuff. Think of your site as your online gallery. Offer your visitors an immersive experience that they won’t soon forget! Images, video, music, audio links – honestly, there’s no limit to the type of content you can share.

Don’t be afraid to take risks! You want to generate a buzz that will get people talking in all the places they hang out online. Use humor! Be surprising! The rules of online engagement are changing all the time. You never know what is going to catch people’s attention, so you might as well have some fun experimenting, especially if you are offering innovative products or services. If you want to distinguish yourself online, take the time to make your website shine with material that speaks to the heart of you and your company. It may be an electronic medium, but you still have to get someone interested enough in you and your services that they want to have a real life conversation with you.

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