Next Level Exhibitor and Sponsor Lead Capture Devices @NoodleLive


Great news from our friends at Noodle Live Labs!

“We are offering exhibitors the chance to bin those clunky barcode scanners and embrace our nifty handheld tablets to instantly capture rich visitor data in seconds with options to share documents and even add notes and priority tags to those valuable captured leads.

We recently implemented our new lead capture system at Career Zoo – a 4000 strong delegate career fair in Dublin. With over 100 lead capture devices in use over the day our system helped exhibitors and sponsors collect a total of over 16,000 leads with some exhibitors collecting up to 500 CV’s.

Not only did these lead capture devices add value for the exhibitors but also for the organizers who were able to a use the new tech to create a monetization opportunity by offering them as an upgrade package to the exhibitors.”

Read here for the full press release!

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