Behind the Hustle: Eileen Jung Ah Kim (@eileenjakim)

Korean native Eileen Jung Ah Kim has always had a passionate interest in music, entertainment, live performances, and events. In additional to being knowledgeable about all these areas of interest, she also wanted international exposure in order to further her career and broaden her horizons. In 2009, after careful planning and execution of the necessary details, she realized her dream by moving to New York City.

Eileen has excellent organizational skills that were a requirement for her first job as a television producer in 2002. After 5 years in that field, she was able to successfully transfer her skills into the shows industry, an area where she could also utilize her love of music and people. Working as a concert director and a stage manager, Eileen created various live concerts with K-pop singers as well as successfully produced various types of shows that demanded venues with a capacity from 200 to over 3,000.

After she moved to NYC, Eileen expanded her knowledge in live performances by working with many directors and clients in various types of productions. In the meantime, she was also fascinated by the events industry in NYC and that inspired her to earn an official Event Leadership Institute credential (CMP certification) in event & meeting management fundamentals, allowing her to transfer her skills to the events industry.

Eileen dreams a lot and never gives up on anything. Instead, she believes that there is always a creative way to make a dream become a reality. The best moment of her life is always when she helps her clients make their dreams come true. Whether it is a birthday, special celebration, family party, fundraiser, fashion show, gala, or concert, she will make an event the best it can be for her clients.

“hi, my name is…”

The world knows me as: Eileen Jung Ah Kim

I’ve also been known to respond to the names: Eileen Kim, Jung Ah, Some people just call me “Jung”

I am wicked good at: Googling, Creating new recipes from scratch, DIY

Least favorite house chore: Folding laundry

My go-to guilty pleasure food is: Fried chicken

Favorite App: Uber and Samsung pay

Favorite quote: I am a slow walker, but I never walk back. (Abraham Lincoln)

“The Hustle”

Job Title: Event planner, Project manager

Professional Superpower: Research, Planning, Coordination

My primary role in the events industry is: Production planning and scheduling, Vendor coordination, On-site management

Years in the events industry: about 2 years in the events industry (12 years in TV & live show business)

To me, being an event hustler means: Being a dreamer who makes dreams a reality

The top 2 most surprising things I’ve learned about the events industry since starting are:

  1. Event technology; There are so many and always new. can’t stop learning about it.
  2.  Networking; I think It is the beginning and the end in the events industry.

How did you get your start in the events industry? When I moved to NYC 6 years ago, my plan was just to learn more about live show business for my future career and I worked with many directors and artists. In the meantime, I also worked in several events, and I was very fascinated by the events industry in NYC. That inspired me to earn a CMP certification in event & meeting management fundamentals, and HERE I AM! my new career in the events industry has started.

My biggest event industry pet peeve is: Being delayed

“No such thing as TMI”

One thing that would really surprise people to learn about me is: I cook when I am really stressed out.

You can only keep 2 albums in your entire music collection -those albums would be: the most difficult question… Mmm… at this moment, I will choose “Hedwig and the Angry Inch 1998 Original off-Broadway Cast Recording” and “Begin Again sound tracks”.

10yr old me thought I’d grow up to be: a Pilot

Text or phone call?: Both

Android or iphone?: Android

Toilet paper roll – Over or under?: Over

Connect with Eileen:


Telephone: 917-225-3933




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