We Pinned It: Are You Ready for Some Football?

Superbowl Sunday is quickly approaching and whether your team is in it or not, it’s a great excuse for a get together. Besides watching the game – on a big screen, preferably – superbowl parties are all about the food.

If you’re hosting, a snack stadium is a fun way to feed your guests. It can be filled with a cheesy guacamole dip or piled high with cold cuts and sandwiches. Surround the “field” with a variety of chips, or other finger foods because, really, who wants to be bothered with a knife and fork?

How To Build A Super Bowl Snack Stadium:

Heavier fare like chili, meatballs or hot dogs can be served up nicely in a crock pot, and can be prepared ahead of time so that you can enjoy the party too.  It’s only been a few weeks since the new year started, and we’re still (mostly!!) committed to our new year’s resolutions so consider offering some lighter options like this veggie plate or this skinny taco dip from Damndelicious.net.

This is arranged in such a beautiful way it willing been hard to resists. Perfect for Super Bowl party #Superbowl party #Vegetables:  Skinny Taco Dip - Skip the guilt in this lightened up, super easy, 10-min taco dip. Perfect as a party appetizer for game day!

Maybe instead of a drinking game everyone can workout during the game. 5 pushups for a first down! 10 squats for a fumble? No? Well, just because we’ve resolved to eat better doesn’t mean we have to skip dessert. After all, these brownies from tablespoon.com just scream touchdown!

Touchdown Brownies

A little wager between friends usually makes the game more entertaining so why not get a superbowl pool going (maybe one that benefits a local charity or your town’s educational foundation) or play a little football bingo while you watch the commercials.

Goooooo team!



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