Top 25 Women in the Events Industry

As founder of NYC-based Liz King Events, King considers herself and event-planning superhero, a queen of details and a tech geek - all titles she has proudly earned. King launched her company in 2009 while still working full time for Columbia University. In 2011, she held Plannertech, a one-day conference to educate industry professionals on how to better integrate technology into their live gatherings. The annual event - now called techsytalk LIVE - is a real-life expression of her impressive social media influence and mission to abolish boring meetings.

25 Most Influential People In the Meetings Industry - 2 Years

This year, King, and social-media connected and award-winning blogger, created PlannerCrawl, an event planner meetup where attendees visit three venues in three hours this year. "We've had about 150 independent and corporate event planners at the events that are hosted bi-monthly," says King. Another King creation, techsytalk LIVE, is a content-rich interactive learning experience that focuses on educating event planners on technology and how it relates to the industry. Last August she transformed #techsytalk LIVE to a full-day conference providing education on mobile apps, Radio Frequency identification (RFID), Google Glass, and much more.

Top Influential Female Leaders in the Events Industry

March is Women’s Month. The roles women play in the events industry have come a long way, and now female leaders are on the forefront of meeting and event management. From entrepreneurs who are looking forward in how we use tech to plan our events, to women who want to use events to create a more inclusive community, these are some of the most influential and inspirational female leaders working in the event industry.

#9/60 Most Influential Event Planners to Follow Backed by Science

There are thousands of people working to educate and revolutionize the way people think about the events industry. We have compiled a list of the top 60 event planning experts on Twitter that planners should follow. This list highlights CEOs, event magazine Editors, and of course innovative event planners, who share original and innovative ideas. While the list only features 60 event planners, we considered hundreds of people in our industry before selecting the final 60. So simply making the list is a big accomplishment. Without further ado, here are the 60 best event planners to follow on Twitter in 2016 - in descending order.

50 Social Media Influencers Every Event Planner Should Follow

In events and hospitality, knowledge is power. The best way to learn the ropes, or sharpen your skillset set to learn from the experts that have been there before. Thankfully these thought leaders are quick to share their tips and tricks on how to get ahead in the world of events and hospitality. These 50, follow-worthy social media influencers are highly engaged, limitless resources that are quick to share helpful content to help you succeed and grow your business. P.S. If you don’t like reading check out our video with an abbreviated list of influencers on YouTube.

Top 5 Women in Event Tech

myQaa asked a jury panel of industry influencers to submit their nominations of women who are currently working in event technology companies and have made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of women and the industry. After reviewing all the nominees, the jury panel chose the Top 5. The top 5 Women in Event Technology are Julia Hartz, Eventbrite (US), Dahlia El Gazzar, The Meeting Pool (US), Kate Jackson, Tablecrowd (UK), Liz King, Techsy Talk (US) and Tahira Endean, Quickmobile (Canada).

Liz King on Finding the Right Path

Mike McAllen of Grass Shack Events and Media talks with Liz King, who started her first company, Liz King Events, in 2010 in the midst of the down economy. By sharing content on Twitter, Facebook, and her blog, she gained expertise in the event planning industry. Now she is considered to be a leader and influencer in the meetings and events industry. She was named as one of the Top 25 Most Influential Event Planners in 2013, 40 Under 40 Up-and-Coming Event Planners in 2011, the #Eventprofs Most Thought-Provoking Blog, and a People’s Choice Award.

Liz King Events Takes a Risk for Success

In keeping with the theme of my last interview with In Good Company’s Adelaide Lancaster, as well as one I did a little while back with Killstress Design’s Minglie Chen, I’m profiling another small business founder – friend and colleague, Liz King. Liz’s NYC based event planning company, Liz King Events, focuses on technology integrated events as live components to the branding efforts of smaller companies and organizations. She has also developed a number of programs aimed at developing relationships and sharing resources within the NYC event planning community and beyond (which is how she and I began working together a couple of years ago).