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Liz King is an uncovered gem!  She inspired all our participants at What the Tech at MPI Ottawa this February with her new ideas and innovations!  She thinks outside the box and stimulates planners to innovate with their conferences and events.  Her knowledge of technology is amazing and she is a great source of information.

Joanne St-Pierre, manager, meetings and conventions, Niagara Falls Tourism and MPI Ottawa Program and Education committee member

Liz King recently served as our Keynote Speaker at the first annual MPI Georgia and SITE Southeast Tech Summit in Atlanta, GA on March 17, 2016.  Her expertise, poise, diverse knowledge of the industry proved to be the foundation we needed to kick-off the meeting.  So many of the attendees commented they would come again to a meeting just to hear Liz King speak…and I concur.  Liz’s knowledge of technology and the application to the events industry is truly unparalleled.  She brings such a unique perspective and yet she makes us feel like we can all be experts by the end of her talk. 

Colleen McQuone, President, McQ1 Meeting and Director of Strategic Events, MPI Georgia Chapter


Attention is one of the scarcest resources of the 21st century. Our attendees have more competition for their attention than ever before which means that marketing is more difficult and keeping them engaged on site is challenging too. So what can we do as event planners to make our events more engaging? In this session, we’ll talk about 25+ ideas to keep your attendees engaged using technology – from social media to apps to gamification, your next event will leave guests craving more! Learning Objectives:

  • Identify their audience demographics and tech experience.
  • Create an engagement plan for their events after being inspired by the ideas shared.
  • Understand the role that technology plays in high-engagement events.

As if keeping up with Facebook and Twitter wasn’t hard enough, there are new social networks popping up every day. This session will update you on the five hottest social media tools you should know for your events business!

The fast-paced evolution of technology is causing us to rethink how we can use products successfully at our events. This quick primer will cover how to create an event tech strategy.

If you caught the “Go-go gadget”, Inspector gadget reference, congratulations – you had an awesome childhood. If you didn’t – despair not; this session will rejuvenate your inner child as we explore some of the techsiest offerings in gadgets/apps/tools to up the awesomeness factor at your events.


12189623_707566246088_181870338599365038_nLiz is an event planning superhero by day, and closeted tech geek and introvert by night. Distraught by the thought of everyday civilians being conquered by spreadsheets, she resolved to re-channel her organizational and tech savvy superpowers and launched Liz King Events while still running events full time for Columbia University. Liz voraciously shared content on event best practices via social media and quickly became a thought leader/influencer amongst her peers. Her hopes of being an incognito event superhero went down the drain as her cover was blown once she started making cameos on lits like ‘Successful Meetings list of 25 Most Influential People in the Meetings Industry” for two years in a row and ‘Connect Magazine’s list of 40 Under 40 Up-and-Coming Event Planners in 2011″. Liz now comfortably wears her cape and employs her superpowers to helps entrepreneurs/brands like Claudia Chan and Ramit Sethi plan smart, tech-savvy events to better engage their attendees.

Outside of client events, Liz uses her prowess to educate and challenge her industry peers on how to better integrate technology into live events to create a more winsome audience experience, through auxiliary outlets and PlannerTech [Founder]. When not saving gotham from the event planning woes, Liz can be found unwinding by learning how to code, brushing up on her Korean, or indulging in Korean cuisine … all in civilian geek attire, of course.