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Monday, July 11, 2016 at 3:00pm ET
James Spellos from Meeting U

techsytalk-unscripted-slider-templateJames Spellos is the President of Meeting U., whose mission is to help people become more productive and comfortable with technology. Jim delivers over 150 seminars annually on how to use technology more efficiently. In 2015, Jim was named one of the Meeting Industry’s trendsetters by Meetings Focus magazine. He is a faculty member at New York University, teaching in the School of Professional and Continuing Studies since 1990. He has been honored with both their Award for Teaching Excellence and their Outstanding Service Award. In 2014, Jim joined the Board of Directors for Rock and Wrap It Up, an anti-poverty/hunger think tank, which supports over 43,000 agencies in North America. Jim co-created for them the Whole Earth Calculator app, which helps organizations to identify the quantity of food donated and carbon footprint reduced from food recovered at meetings and events. He also speaks about food recovery and sustainability in the industry.

Outside of the meetings industry, Jim is an accomplished musician and songwriter, playing guitar, keyboards and singing for the New York City rock band Contraband. They released their first CD, “Welcome to the Neighborhood” in late 2008, and is back in the studio recording new songs for a new release. tools

Monday, Sept. 19, 2016 at 3:00pm ET
Shannon DeSouza from Attendease


Shannon is very passionate about events and technology! With a decade of paralleled experience in both the event and tech industries, she comes with a wealth of sales and marketing experience working with some major technology giants such as Blackberry, SAP, and EventMobi. She was also a social event entrepreneur for 10 years specializing in south asian weddings in Toronto, until 2015 when her company got acquired. In 2010, she graduated with a Masters in Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology from Canada’s #1 Ivy League university, which propelled her further into the strategic realm of emerging technology

Today, Shannon is the Director of Sales & Industry Relations for the event technology provider Attendease in Vancouver, BC. She works with customers around the world like Adobe, SXSW & Pivotal to elevate their event strategy to effectively meet their organization’s global event objectives.